Wholesale Opportunity


Do you own / or work at a cafe or restaurant? Are you looking to introduce or expand your vegan. gluten free. and allergy friendly range?

Please complete the registration form below and I will send you a full menu and price list as well as some additional information. I am also happy to provide a sample box of some of the best selling products for you to try for yourself.


If you already have an account, view the wholesale online store here.

Wholesale Registration

Please complete this registration form. If you are approved you will need to create an account which will give you access to the wholesale online shop. If you have any questions please message me.

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To be eligible to view our wholesale discounted pricing and have access to online ordering you need to: • Be a registered business with a valid Australian Business Name (ABN) registration certificate. • Operate a business in the Cafe, restaurant, or food industry in NSW, Australia. Check to confirm you have read and agree to our terms